Juvederm Perth Amboy, NJ

Fill It Up: The Benefits of Juvederm

There’s no getting around aging; no matter how old you actually claim to be when you’re out in public. As you age, you start to lose collagen in your cheeks and face which can give you hollow, flat cheekbones. Although you can’t get rid of aging altogether, there are a few ways that you can […]

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Tendon and Nerve Repair East Brunswick NJ

Heal and Find Relief

Spraining your wrist somehow can make you feel like a real goon. Whether you injured your wrist during an accident or playing some sort of sport, you may be wondering how on earth you should take care of it. Other than scheduling an appointment with Dr. George Philip Smith to ensure that there is no […]

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Tummy Tuck East Brunswick NJ

3 Things a Tummy Tuck Cannot Do

If you have struggled your whole life with your weight, then you are no stranger to feeling self-conscious about the body that you are in. If, however, you have recently lost a lot of weight, then you have something that’s worth celebrating. With all of the celebrating taking place, however, you may not have noticed […]

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