How to Get the Most Out of Your Botox

Botox is every man and woman’s best friend—, especially in the 21st Century. By temporarily relaxing the muscles in your forehead and around your eyes, Botox works to soften fine lines and wrinkles which leaves you looking more youthful in the process. And although Botox is considered to be a wonder drug, there are a […]

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Hand Surgery East Brunswick NJ

3 Things to Look for In a Hand Cream

Your hands are likely one of the most neglected parts of your body— that is until they get injured, or you develop carpal tunnel syndrome, and you need hand surgery from Dr. George Philip Smith. Depending on the exact injury and the location in your hand, Dr. Smith will help you decide on the best […]

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3 Recovery Tips to Use After Hand Surgery

Your fingers aren’t just there to disapprovingly shake at your kids when they’re up to something naughty (although it is helpful);  they’re there to help you function. If, however, one of your fingers or another bone in your hand becomes fractured, Dr. George Philip Smith may recommend that you get surgery. If surgery is recommended […]

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Breast Augmentation East Brunswick, NJ

Unique Benefits of Breast Procedures

Breast procedures are some of the most popular types of plastic surgeries. Although the most common type of breast procedure is a breast augmentation to enhance the breasts, there are other breast procedures including breast reductions and breast lifts. So, what are the unique benefits of breast procedures? Less Pain More pain, more gain, is […]

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Skin Tags East Brunswick NJ

Tag, You’re It: The Truth Behind Skin Tags

Skin tags are typically small, soft skin growths that somewhat resemble a pimple. As something that is a complete nuisance, skin tags can make you feel self-conscious about your appearance. But what exactly are skin tags, how are they caused, and how can you get rid of them? Read on to learn more about the […]

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Removal of Extra Digits

4 Finger Facts About Polydactyl

As a rare condition that only affects a small percentage of infants, polydactyly is a condition that causes patients to grow extra fingers and toes. Because polydactyly isn’t as common as let’s say, the common cold, there is still a lot for scientists and doctors to learn about it. To help you as a patient […]

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