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3 Signs You Have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

It wasn’t really until the popularity of the computer that people became familiar with carpal tunnel syndrome. As a narrow passageway on your wrist, the carpal tunnel can become inflamed or damaged due to a number of things such as your wrists overall anatomy, behavioral patterns such as incorrectly typing, or other underlying health issues. […]

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Breast Surgery Recovery

When it comes to getting breast enhancement surgery, the thought of new breasts and a new you can completely outweigh any thoughts of recovery or caring for your body during the healing process. However, as one of the most important components of the breast enhancement process, learning what to do after surgery and what to […]

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4 Reasons Not to Get Breast Enhancement Surgery

If you’re considering getting breast enhancement surgery done, ask yourself why you’re doing it. Are you doing it because you’ve always wanted them? Are you doing it because you feel like it’s the one thing needed to enhance your natural beauty? If you answered yes to either of those questions, great! However, if you’re considering […]

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Does Your Age Affect Plastic Surgery?

Thinking of having plastic surgery? Or is it your teenage daughter who is interested? Teenagers often have a desire for plastic surgery and the reasons are typically very different from adults. In fact, it could be said that the reasons are opposite of each other. Teenagers usually want to fit in with the crowd while […]

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