Laser Hair Removal: Does It Stick?

white-bikiniIf you are like any man or woman, you likely have hair in places that you would rather be bare. Whether you suffer from a hairy back, legs, or any other part of your body, and you just don’t want to deal with having to shave and wax anymore, then it’s time to consider laser hair removal. However, with all of the hype and financial investment that is placed on this procedure, does it really work? How likely are results? Read on to learn more.

The Process

One of the biggest things to remember about laser hair removal is that it is a process— meaning that it will take more than one or even three sessions for you to start seeing real results that will force you to put down your razor forever. Depending on the color, texture, and area of your body in which you are having lasered, will help you determine just how many treatments you will likely have to undergo in order to achieve the best results. If you are targeting fine, blonde hair, then you may have a harder time getting the results you desire. Whereas if you have coarse, dark hair then you will likely have an easier time zapping it away.

Just remember that although you will want to see immediate results after just one or two treatment sessions, you will still have hair that will grow back time and time again. But once you complete the recommended amount of treatment sessions, then you can sit back and enjoy your new found freedom and yes, you can even throw that razor away for good.

Does It Grow Back?

After you have undergone all of the recommended laser hair removal treatments, your hair shouldn’t grow back. However, if you have one or two hair follicles that keep on sprouting a few hairs, that is normal. Although laser hair removal is a precise procedure, it can be almost impossible to target every single hair follicle without missing a beat. Simply just tweeze the hair out and you will be as good as new. Or, if it is something that is really bugging you, then schedule an appointment to see if you can have it lasered!

If you are considering getting laser hair removal done, just remember that with time, you can have a virtually hairless body.

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