2 Signs That You Need a Breast Reduction

When we think of the perfect woman’s body, we picture somewhat of a Barbie-esque appearance: small waist, long slender legs, and large breasts. However, if you were to look at a person with that actual body, they would look nothing shy of unproportionate. No matter what size of body you have, if your breasts are simply too big, you won’t look natural but rather your appearance might look a little bit off. As a great solution to fix your problems, breast reduction surgery is a routine surgical procedure that removes excess breast fat, glandular tissue, and skin. Read on to learn more about breast reduction surgery and if it is the right thing for you.

Breast ReductionYou Feel Heavier
As an unfortunate but realistic aspect to weight loss, the first thing to go when you lose weight are either your breasts or your butt. But for some women, it can seem like the slimmer they get, the larger their breasts look and feel. If you are noticing that everytime you look in the mirror that you appear a bit more top heavy due to your oversized breasts, then you might want to consider breast reduction surgery.

You Have Back Pain
Although large breasts can make you feel like more of a woman, they can also cause undo back pain as well. Think about it— the more weight you have on the front of your body, the more your back will have to compensate for that weight in order to hold you up. If you are experiencing extreme upper back pain due to your large breasts, then you might want to consider breast reduction surgery.

Don’t Worry: You’ll Still Have Breasts
Often times, the thought of having a breast reduction can lead women to fear that they will no longer have breasts once the surgery is over. However, that is far from the truth. Dr. George Philip Smith specializes in breast reduction surgery and will ensure that your breasts look perkier than ever after your surgery. Remember the goal of breast reduction surgery isn’t to get rid of your breasts entirely, it’s only designed to make you look more proportionate and alleviate any pain they may be causing you.

If you suffer from any of the above symptoms due to overly large breasts, contact Dr. George Philip Smith today to schedule a consultation.

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