3 Recovery Tips to Use After Hand Surgery

Hand Surgery East Brunswick, NJYour fingers aren’t just there to disapprovingly shake at your kids when they’re up to something naughty (although it is helpful);  they’re there to help you function. If, however, one of your fingers or another bone in your hand becomes fractured, Dr. George Philip Smith may recommend that you get surgery.

If surgery is recommended and depending on the location and severity of the break, Dr. Smith may use pins, wire, or screws to help hold your fractured bones in place. Afterward, a cast will be placed over your hand to protect your bones as you heal. If you do have to get surgery, use these tips for a smooth and speedy recovery.

Avoid Stress

One of the best things you can do while recovering from hand surgery is to avoid placing any strain or stress on your hand. Although your cast will prevent you from doing a lot of things because of your inability to grasp objects properly, some patients still try to place a lot of heavy weight on their cast which can slow down your healing time or exacerbate the issue.

Use Plastic Bags

Depending on the type of cast we use, make sure that you cover it in a plastic bag, so it doesn’t get wet. If a conventional cast gets wet, it takes a long time for the padding to dry and it can cause it to stink or harbor bacteria. When using a plastic bag, make sure to fasten it over your cast with a rubber band.


After your cast has been removed, Dr. George Philip Smith will be able to ascertain whether or not you need rehabilitation. Rehab will involve numerous strengthening exercises instructed by a skilled professional to help you gain back your hands mobility and range of motion.

If you have a bone break in your hand, schedule an appointment at one of our offices.

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