3 Summer Sports That Won’t Cause a Carpal Tunnel Flare Up

Tennis, kayaking, golfing, whatever summer sport you like the most if you have carpal tunnel you may feel like you’re going to spend the rest of summer indoors because there isn’t’ much for you to do. Even though your carpal tunnel may prevent you from doing activities where you have to grip something, there are some other things that you can do that will put less of a strain on your hands and wrist.


Getting into the great outdoors and exploring with your family is one of the best parts about summer. Try going on some new hiking trials this summer and see if you can find your new favorite hike. Hiking is a fun way to enjoy the sun, get some exercise, and not have to worry about your carpal tunnel nerve in the process.


Swimming outdoors is another fun summer sport that you can do that’s easy on all of your joints. Whether you enjoy the backstroke, back float, freestyle, butterfly, or if you like to use the kickboard, swimming is a great way for you to burn extra calories, get your heart rate up, and ensure that you aren’t going to get a joint injury while doing so.


Running is one of the easiest things that you can do if you want to workout outdoors without injuring your wrist because you don’t need any equipment. Plus, if you like to run through the city, you can create some new routes so that you explore different parts of the city that you may have never seen before. Just make sure that when you are running that you don’t clench your hands too tight and that you leave them loose.

Having swollen, aching, wrists and hands aren’t anybody’s idea of a good time; especially during the summer. Rather than doing something that may exacerbate your carpal tunnel, try doing one of these summer activities instead.

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