3 Things to Do to Enhance Your Body After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast AugmentationGetting breast augmentation surgery can make you feel and look like a million bucks. However, if you don’t have the ideal body to accompany your breasts, you may not feel like you are getting the best results possible after your surgery. In order to help enhance the results of your breast augmentation, try the following three things.

1. Abdominal Workouts
A smaller waist will help to accentuate your new breasts and will not only make them look larger but will make your small waist look even smaller. In order to workout your abdominal muscles try doing intervals of abdominal workouts like sit-ups, crunches, and plank everyday. If you don’t feel sore after doing a few sets of abdominal workouts, try to push yourself to the limit the next day—the more you do, the more results you will start to see.

2. Lean Arm Muscles
As a female, the last thing you want to do is bulk out when you head to the gym. As another way to help enhance your breast augmentation results, try doing exercises to help build lean arm muscles and get rid of excess fat. For instance, try doing workouts that are low in weight and high in repetition. Also, exercises like Pilates and yoga will help you to get that chiseled, and lean muscle tone.

3. Eat Lean
The leaner your body is after you get breast implants, the larger and better your breasts will look. However, exercise alone won’t do the trick. You need to eat a diet rich in lean proteins and low in sugars and carbohydrates. Try to eat things such as turkey, chicken, egg whites, nuts, and protein powders to help aid in the production of lean muscle production. And although you should still indulge a little in carbohydrates, try to make sure that they are whole grain.

Get the best results possible out of your new breasts and try the above three things in order to enhance your body. To learn more about getting breast implants or to schedule a consultation, contact Dr. George Philip Smith’s office today!

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