3 Types of Bone Fractures

Bone FracturesHave you recently been in an accident and sustained an injury such as a bone fracture? If so, you are in good hands. Dr. George Philip Smith specializes in bone fracture repair and can help you to get back on the road towards healing in virtually no time at all. But before you look into treatment, it’s nice to understand a little bit more about bone fractures in order for you to understand more of what the injury looks like and what the healing process will entail. This article will discuss the three primary types of bone fractures. Read on to learn more.

You may think that a fracture is a fracture, right? However, there are different types of fractures that can all be classified into three main categories including a simple bone fracture, a comminuted fracture, and an open fracture.

1.Simple Bone Fractures

As the easiest type of fracture to fix and recover from, a simple bone fracture is a fracture that only involves the bone and not the surrounding tissues or ligaments. Additionally, when this type of fracture initially occurs, there is typically no breakage of the skin at the site. Typically treated through non-surgical options, simple bone fractures can sometimes even heal on their own accord but may take years to do so.

2. Comminuted Bone Fractures

The second most common category of bone fractures is called the Comminuted Bone Fracture. This type of fracture is typically a break or splinter of the bone in two places. Caused primarily by high impact blunt forces like vehicular accidents, comminuted bone fractures are extremely painful and a bit more difficult to treat. However, with the proper care and healing plan conducted by Dr. George Philip Smith, you will be able to get right back to normal within no time.

3. Open Bone Fracture

Unlike a Simple Bone Fracture, an Open Bone Fracture involves some sort of interaction and breakage of the skin itself. Both large and small scale puncture wounds by the bone are considered to be Open Bone Fractures. By using both surgery, stitches to heal up the wound, and some sort of oral medication, Dr. George Philip Smith should be able to heal your Open Bone Fracture.

There are many different types of bone fractures, and these are just three of the main types. If you have a fractured bone and would like to learn more about how Dr. George Philip Smith can treat you, contact our office today!

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