3 Winter Activities to Help You Maintain Your Liposuction Results

LiposuctionGetting liposuction is a safe and effective way to rid your body of stubborn, unwanted fat. By surgically scraping away the fat and then vacuuming it out of your body, liposuction can give you results that are otherwise virtually impossible to obtain. If you are either getting liposuction this winter or if you have already gotten liposuction from Dr. George Philip Smith, it’s important to ensure that you don’t gain the weight back. By living a lifestyle with a strict, healthy diet and workout regimen, you can help to ensure that your body stays lean even through the holidays. Read on to learn more about three winter activities you can participate in to help you keep off any added weight.

1. Downhill Skiing
Downhill skiing is not only a fun way to escape into the mountains this winter, but it is also a great way to get your heart rate up. By using your entire body to stay upright and stable as you glide down the mountain, downhill skiing will give your body the workout it needs to keep off any extra weight that might creep up on you this winter season.

2. Cross Country Skiing
As one of the hardest winter sports that often goes unrecognized, cross country skiing will get your heart rate up and your legs burning in no time. By using both your upper and lower body strength to gain enough momentum to get you up a mountain or even just around the woods, cross country skiing will help you to tighten and tone up your legs, buttocks, core, and arms.

3. Ice Skating
Yes, ice skating may seem like more of a leisure-like activity than one that will get your heart rate up. However, ice skating is a great exercise for your entire body— especially your legs and your core. By using your legs to push you across the ice, you can help to burn calories and gain muscle definition. And, by trying to stay stable while skating, you can strengthen your core.

Maintain your liposuction results this winter by participating in some of the winter sports listed above. To learn more about liposuction or other procedures, contact Dr. George Philip Smith today!

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