5 reasons women consider a breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is the top cosmetic surgery performed each year, with more than 300,000 procedures performed each year in the United States. There are several reasons why women choose to get implants for fuller, larger breasts.

Here are five top reasons why women get a breast augmentation:

You feel your breasts are too small

Women who have abnormally small breasts (also called macromastia) are often self-conscious of their disproportionate shape and often say they feel less attractive. 

Your breasts changed shape after weight loss or pregnancy

Pregnancy and nursing, and even significant weight loss not related to childbearing, can make breasts appear “deflated” and get smaller. Implants are a popular way to restore youthful volume and improve contours to complement your smaller waistline. If you get pregnant after you have a breast augmentation, it’s important to note the implants will not impact the health of your baby or your ability to nurse. 

Your breasts are not the same shape or size

Growth spurts during puberty and uneven estrogen levels can cause one breast to be larger than the other. Breast augmentation can help you achieve better symmetry and improve self-confidence. 

You’ve had a mastectomy

If you’ve had a single or double mastectomy as part of your treatment for breast cancer or had your breasts removed for another serious health condition, you may want to improve the contour of your breasts and regain your femininity after such a challenging time in your life. 

You want to look younger

 If your breasts have lost firmness or are sagging, a breast augmentation with a breast lift can restore a youthful, perky shape to your figure. 

Having fuller, larger breasts gives women more confidence, boosting self-esteem and feel more feminine. The decision to get a breast augmentation is a highly personal one with many considerations. Breast augmentation is a life-changing surgery, and women carefully think through their decision and get implants for their own reasons, not to meet someone else’s expectations. 

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