6 things you should know about tummy tuck surgery

Tummy Tuck East Brunswick NJAll to often, a strict diet and exercise program will help you get into fantastic shape, but it won’t get rid of the bulge on your belly. If you want a flatter, more well-toned abdomen, a tummy tuck surgery may be right for you. Before going under the knife, here are six things you should know about this popular cosmetic procedure:

Even people of healthy body weight can have an abdomen that has loose or sagging skin. The most common causes including aging, heredity, pregnancy, significant fluctuations in weight, and prior surgery.

A tummy tuck is not a weight-loss solution. The surgery is ideal for patients who are at or near their ideal weight. Results from surgery can be diminished if you have more weight fluctuations or plan a future pregnancy. For that reason, you’d want to postpone surgery until after you’re healed.

A tummy tuck will not correct stretch marks. Many patients will see a minimized or improved appearance of stretch marks if they are on the areas of excess skin that will be removed during surgery.

You will have a scar, but it will fade in appearance as you heal. Depending on the extent of surgery, the scar could extend from hip to hip, resulting from a horizontal incision in the area between the pubic hairline and navel. The incision is made as close to the bikini area as possible so that you are able to hide the scar with your clothing.

You will notice a difference right after surgery. But your flatter, firmer abdominal contour will be seen more completely after swelling has subsided. You should be standing tall in your new profile after a week or two.

A tummy tuck is a highly individualized procedure. Surgery is a big decision, and you should be doing this for you and you alone, not because someone else wants you to have it done.

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