Breast Surgery Recovery

white-braWhen it comes to getting breast enhancement surgery, the thought of new breasts and a new you can completely outweigh any thoughts of recovery or caring for your body during the healing process. However, as one of the most important components of the breast enhancement process, learning what to do after surgery and what to expect can help you heal faster and have more natural looking breasts.


Whether you have silicone or saline breast implants, it’s important to massage your breasts starting a few days after surgery. Massage is a great tool to help break up any breast tissue that may have formed around the implant, and will leave you with more natural looking and feeling breasts. Although it might be uncomfortable at first, make sure that you’re consistent and massage your breasts for at least 10 minutes both morning and night. Start massaging your breasts by applying gentle pressure using just two to three fingers and slowly move your hands across your breasts focusing on any hard spots.


After your surgery, your surgeon will likely prescribe you with a surgical sports bra. Although it might not be the sexiest thing in your closet, it’s important that you wear it as directed by your doctor. Designed to not only support your breasts but help support the surgical site as well, these bras will help ensure that you heal quickly and correctly.

No Heavy Lifting

Whether you’re a go-getter kind of person or simply like to workout at the gym using free weights, it’s important to avoid any sort of heavy lifting during the healing process. For at least a few weeks after your surgery, avoid lifting weights, boxes, or anything else that could cause a strain on your breasts. During the healing process, it’s important for you to not put any undo strain on your breasts or the surgical site.


As one of the leading components to helping your body heal from any illness or surgery, rest is crucial when it comes to the first day or two after you get your surgery. Although it’s not necessary to lie in bed for all hours of the day, try to take some time to watch movies, take naps, and just allow your body to rest overall.

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