Does Your Age Affect Plastic Surgery?

body-fat-transferThinking of having plastic surgery? Or is it your teenage daughter who is interested? Teenagers often have a desire for plastic surgery and the reasons are typically very different from adults. In fact, it could be said that the reasons are opposite of each other. Teenagers usually want to fit in with the crowd while adults want to stand out from it. Teens have perceived flaws only they see because it makes them different from everyone else. They may carry this perception into adulthood. When they are adults, they will either continue to desire the change or accept it and move on.

Most often, teenagers want to correct a crooked nose, severe acne, and breast problems (too large, asymmetrical). If you are a teen experiencing issues like this and want to find out the best information about making the desired change, you should first speak to your parents or guardians and then to a doctor, who can answer all the technical questions. Then it’s time for a discussion between parents and teen to make a solid decision based on personal research and questions answered by the surgeon you have chosen.

If you or your teen are considering a procedure, emotional maturity and intelligence will be a deciding factor in whether or not the doctor will perform the surgery. Some teens are not emotionally ready for a huge change or will have unrealistic expectations of the results. The last thing a parent or doctor needs is a teenager unhappy with the cosmetic surgery they received.

You may be on the other side of the spectrum and think you are too old to have plastic surgery. The fact is that you can have a cosmetic procedure done no matter how old you get because it is more about your physical state of health than your age. If you are in good shape, workout regularly, eat right, get enough sleep, maintain a healthy weight, and have a relatively low-stress lifestyle, you are an excellent candidate for successful plastic surgery.

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