Don’t Fret: What to Know About Polydactyly

dental careWhen you’re pregnant, the last thing you want to hear is that your child has some birth defect or abnormalities. However, not all congenital disabilities are life threatening or even dangerous. As one of those not so threatening conditions, Polydactyly is a condition in which patients are born with an extra finger. Although polydactyly isn’t going to harm your baby’s health, it is a condition that can easily be taken care of so that they won’t have to feel self-conscious about it further down the line. Read on to learn more about how Dr. George Philip Smith can help with getting rid of your child’s extra digit.

What Is Polydactyly
As explained above, polydactyly is a birth defect in which the hand develops an extra finger on either side of the hand or in rare cases, in the middle of the hand. Although this condition isn’t painful, it is something that is best to have removed especially when your child is young. In fact, it’s best to have the extra finger removed around the age of one.

What Is the Removal Process Like?
To remove your child’s extra digit, surgery will have to be performed. By cutting the extra finger off and then stitching up the skin with sutures, your child will have minimal scarring and will be able to use their hand just like normal as they age and heal.

What Parents Should Know
Finding out that there is a health concern with your baby can be enough to send you into shock. However, as a common birth defect, polydactyly is easily treatable and with the removal of the extra digit, your child will be able to live a normal, healthy life. By using a trusted professional like Dr. George Philip Smith, you can rest assured that your baby is in the best hands.

If you would like to learn more about polydactyly or if you would like to schedule a consultation, contact Dr. George Philip Smith’s office today.

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