How to Be Your Sexiest Self This Valentine’s Day

Skin careValentine’s Day isn’t just about wooing the one that you love the most, but it’s also about feeling sexy in your own skin. Here at Dr. George Philip Smith’s office we love to help all of our patients feel sexy and confident in their skin. To help you make this Valentine’s Day your sexiest one yet, we have created a list of a few different things that you can do.

Get Lip Fillers

One of the best things about lip fillers is that they are almost instant. Even though some patients suffer from a little bit of bruising and swelling for a few days after injections, they will notice immediately fuller and sexier lips. And, nothing is sexier than a fuller pout, right? To make sure that you can give your significant other the sexiest kiss possible, make sure to schedule your fillers at least a few days before valentines; that way you can kiss them comfortably and confidently.

Improve Your Posture

Nothing is quite sexier than confidence. Studies show that the way you carry yourself not only shows how you feel about yourself, but it can also have an impact on how other people view you. By standing taller and improving your confidence, you can not only walk into your Valentine’s Day date feeling more confident in your skin, but you may also look sexier because of your confidence as well. This Valentine’s Day, try improving your posture and you may notice that you look and feel sexier than ever.

Schedule a Breast Augmentation Consultation

Even if you don’t schedule your breast lift surgery before Valentine’s day, having it on your mind may make you feel sexier about yourself. Having larger breasts makes many women feel more confident and sexier about themselves. By scheduling your consultation with us before the holiday, you can walk into your Valentine’s Day date feeling eager and excited about a sexier self in the future.

Are you interested in learning a little bit more about how you can feel like your sexiest self? If so, contact us at our Staten Island office today and call us at (718) 608-1111.

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