How to Speed Up Your Earlobe Repair Recovery

Earlobe Repair East Brunswick NJWhether you had gauges in your ears or you tore your earlobes somehow, Dr. Smith can repair them with earlobe repair surgery. Typically during this surgery, Dr. Smith will use small sutures to stitch up the hole and remove excess skin on the earlobes do that they are tauter. As a fairly minor surgery, there really isn’t much involved as far as recovery goes, but there are a few things that every patient should now about.

Apply the Antibiotic Ointment

Typically, we will send you home with a prescription for an antibiotic ointment to rub onto the incisions for the first week. When you are applying the ointment, make sure that you wash your hands with warm water and soap, and then gently rub the ointment onto your ears. Just make sure that you are consistent when applying it and that you apply it as often as unstructured.

Avoid Strenuous Activities or Exercises

Even though this is a minimally invasive surgery, we still tell all of our patients to avoid any sort of strenuous workouts or activities for about a week or two after surgery; this will help your incisions heal properly and faster. If you need to do something to stay active, consider doing something like going on a brief walk or a short bike ride.

Watch Your Lobes

Another thing that we tell our patients is to keep an eye on things they put over their ears and how they sleep on them. Specifically, we encourage patients to avoid wearing over-the-ear headphones or beanies for a week or two.

Another thing we tell patients is to be careful when they are sleeping the first few nights because it may irritate your incisions to sleep directly on them. If you can, try to sleep flat on your back.

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