Precise Techniques and Guaranteed Results: The Art of Flouroscan

Insight Flouroscan East Brunswick, NJIt is Dr. George Philip Smith and staff’s number one goal to give all of our patients the best results, the safest way possible. We want all of our patients to leave our office safely and feeling astonished by their thorough results. Whether you are undergoing breast augmentation surgery or tendon repair, we want to know that we are performing the surgery in the best way possible— that’s why we use Flouroscan. Read on to learn more about Flouroscan and what it means to you.

Precise Imaging

No matter how big of an expert a doctor is, they still need the proper tools to get the job done correctly. With the help of precise imaging equipment like Flouroscan, Dr. George Philip Smith will be able to take a good look at your body to provide you with the proper diagnosis and treatment.

What is It Like?

Just like with any imaging system like an X-ray, Flouroscan is painless and will only take a minute. By sitting still in one of our chairs, one of our staff members will take an image of the part of your body we are treating. Once the images are back, Dr. Smith will be able to look at them, analyze them, and discuss any potential issues or complications with you.

Are they Always Used?

Depending on your medical history, the area of your body we are targeting, and the type of surgery you are getting, a Flouroscan may or may not be necessary. For things like tendon and nerve surgery, however, you can almost always expect that we will use some scan to get a better look.

Here at Dr. George Philip Smith’s office, we use the best technology available to treat our patients. With the help of Flouroscan, we can quickly diagnose our patients and provide them with fast results. To learn more about Flouroscan or other procedures, contact our office today!


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