Swim In Style and Comfort: 3 Things to Look for In a Swim Top

Breast Augmentation East Brunswick, NJGetting a breast augmentation or mastopexy from Dr. George Philip Smith can make you feel and look like a whole new woman. And with summer here, there is no better time to show off your new breasts than by hopping into a brand new swimsuit. To help accentuate your new assets and make you feel even sexier while at the pool, look for the following things in a swimsuit. Read on to learn more.


A mastopexy or a breast lift can bring your breasts back up to where they belong. But why not take it one step further and lift them a little higher with a swimsuit top that has some underwire in it? And, if you just got a breast augmentation, underwire will offer your new breasts an extra bit of support— leaving you feeling more comfortable.


Even though strapless swimsuits are great because they won’t give you tan lines, they aren’t doing your new breasts any favors. When shopping for a new swimsuit, make sure that it has straps. The straps will help support your breasts and lift them— taking pressure off of your back so that you feel more comfortable while at the beach or pool.


A high-quality swimsuit may be worth investing in because of the fabric and lining itself. The thicker the fabric is, the better the lining is. As a part of the swimsuit that most people don’t pay attention to, the lining will protect your skin from sun damage and overexposure.

When you shop for a swimsuit this summer, make sure to look for one that has underwire, straps, and lining for your new breasts. By giving you the extra support and protection, a high-quality swimsuit is worth investing in. To learn more about breast augmentation and lifts, contact Dr. George Philip Smith’s office today!

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