Unique Benefits of Breast Procedures

Breast Augmentation East Brunswick, NJBreast procedures are some of the most popular types of plastic surgeries. Although the most common type of breast procedure is a breast augmentation to enhance the breasts, there are other breast procedures including breast reductions and breast lifts. So, what are the unique benefits of breast procedures?

Less Pain

More pain, more gain, is not our motto when it comes to your breasts. Women who have overly large breasts tend to, more often than not, suffer from upper back pain. If you think about it, having large breasts is like carrying around a backpack full of bricks on the front part of your body— now, do that day in and day out, and you’re bound to experience back pain. Luckily, with a breast reduction, Dr. George Philip Smith can remove excess breast tissues and fat— leaving you with smaller, more comfortable breasts in the process.

Increase Your Confidence

Confidence is more of an emotional concern than anything. Although confidence stems from how you feel about yourself on the inside, your appearance also plays a major role. By getting either a breast augmentation or breast reduction surgery, you can help to boost your self-esteem from the outside in.

Add Symmetry

Studies show that people tend to gravitate more toward people with symmetrical features, but nobody is born with a completely symmetrical face or body. If your breasts are asymmetrical, a breast surgery may help. During this procedure, fat from your larger breast will typically be removed and then replaced with an implant, but it can, in some instances be left entirely alone. Then, an implant will be placed in your smaller breast to help add balance.

Breast procedures are performed for a variety of reasons. Learn more about breast procedures when you call Dr. George Philip Smith.

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