Want a Tummy Tuck? Learn how to Maximize your Recovery

Tummy TuckTummy tuck surgery, or abdominoplasty, has enabled millions of men and women to feel more confident in their appearance. Whether your midsection has become loose and saggy as a result of pregnancy, age, or weight loss doesn’t really matter. What matters is how your appearance makes you feel. No one should hide beneath clothing or dread wearing a bathing suit. If you do, consider how abdominoplasty can change your life.

Patients who consider tightening loose skin and muscle structure with the tummy tuck procedure have a lot to think about. Some of the biggest questions actually pertain to recovery. While you receive direct post-op instructions prior to your surgery, we also find it beneficial to ease your mind with tips for a speedy, stress-free recovery.

Feed your Body

There are a few specific ways you can do this. To facilitate optimal healing from surgery, you can consume healthy meals that include adequate nutrients from fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. To prevent uncomfortable bloating, steer clear of anything carbonated until you have fully recovered from your surgery. Instead, drink plenty of water. If you’re not a fan of the flavorless beverage, add lemon or orange wedges to your glass. Your taste buds and your healing body will thank you.

Another crucial way to feed your body after abdominoplasty is to let it rest. Your recovery is your time to disengage, to unplug, and to listen to what you really need from moment to moment. Sleep as much as you need, and be sure to follow the dosing recommendations on your pain medication. There is no benefit to waiting on pain here. Keep ahead of it and you will be much happier during your recovery.

Feed your Mind

Again, there are multiple ways to ensure a peaceful, stress-free recovery period when you take care of your emotional state. Healing from surgery can be taxing, so a prepared psyche is optimal. Gather your favorite magazines, or that book you have been meaning to read. Stock up on movies, on scented candles, cozy blankets, and cushy pillows. These may seem like little luxuries, but they go a long way in seeing you through to your new body.

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